Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Is A Scam

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Is A Scam

Be warned! i’m reaching to tell you regarding the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card┬áscam that several area unit falling for together with myself! I applied for the Penfed mastercard for an equivalent reasons others do which is that the supposed rewards it offers. What they do not tell you although area unit the prices you may have to be compelled to pay to urge those awards and the way unethical the corporate is with supply credit.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Review

I have an unstable credit history for years with no late payments, no debt and credit limits in tens of thousands on my 3 cards. But be warned about the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card! One problem that I did not have was a loan of some sort of mortgage credit. Weighing this thing in their credit score. If you do not have them they do not care but make sense of your credit history. they will either not issue any credits or issue very low amounts. Unless you have a mortgage you probably will not get a Penfed mastercard or a car loan. they may prefer you have a subprime mortgage risking that you are under water rather than having an accountable credit history.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit Card Is A Scam Pict

If that wasn’t dangerous enough your Penfed mastercard starts accruing interest virtually immediately! With a grace amount of solely ten days by the time it’s printing and armoured to you you may most likely have one or 2 days at the most to pay your bill and have the payment clear. sensible luck with that! they are doing this in order that they will slap you with interest and late fees simply. They reel you in with the rewards then use it to impose unfair mastercard practices in order that they will nickel and dime you to death!

On prime of that to urge the cardboard you’re forced to form a “donation” to their foundation. They claim its not profit however area unit there body overhead and salaries paid to you recognize who?

Be warned! Pentagon Federal mastercard may be a for profit scam. Stay away!

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